Education and Knowledge

IT+NET have the highest level of knowledge and education, and still we are just ordinary people. We collect all our customers experiences and use this knowledge to deliver the best solutions.


IT+NET supports all major Microsoft software. Operating systems, Microsoft Office, server systems, Exchange, SQL, terminal services etc.


IT+NET support all major Apple systems and software. Workstation and servers. Mobile devices etc.


We know what you want...and we can give it to you. We combine customer service, system integration, software knowledge, market knowledge,

easiness, simplicity, programming, running business knowledge, structure, security and much more.

We don't have standard products or solve a task by a standard routine.

We customize our products, services and routines for every each customer, this way we can deliver exactly what you want.

Please keep reading and checkout our portfolio of products and services.

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We specialize in making your concepts a reality.

Please contact us to setup an appointment and notice that we do not uses salesmen at all. You will have a meeting with a highly graded technical person which also can talk naturally spoken language.

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